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キスマイBUSAIKU!? (Kisumai Busaiku) Episode Guide

This is a compilation of links to RAWs and subbed videos of キスマイBUSAIKU!? I do not in any way own any of these videos thus I can't respond to requests for permission to access locked vids. If you have any questions regarding this guide, please do not hesitate to PM me or comment.

WARNING: Numbering is NOT ALWAYS the same. Please check the dates and description before downloading so you do not download the wrong episode.

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[Spoiler (click to open)]Format:
Date - Episode Number (linked to subbed video if any) - (locklock sign if access is locked; does not include open communities) subber/community
Episode description
Raw quality (linked) - (lock sign if access is locked) subber/community

Approximate raw quality guide:
LQ: Youtube rips, .flv files
MQ: ~640x480
HQ: ~1280x720 (DVD quality)
UHQ: ~1920 × 1080 (Blu-ray quality)

Episode Guide Master Post

♥ = newly updated subbed video (reset the first of each month)

2012.08.18 - Kisumai Busaiku SP 1 - lockshare_house
Cool way of taking a shower
Cool way of kissing at karaoke
HQ & MQ withcoffee un_sanzo

2012.09.01 - Kisumai Busaiku SP 2 - tokeijikakenokirichan peekabuta tegohika withcoffee
Cool way of inviting a girl home
Cool way of kissing at the office
HQ withcoffee

2013.01.26 - Kisumai Busaiku SP 3 - kirichannoyume tegohika
Cool way of kissing on a ferris wheel
How to be cool at a bar
HQ & LQ icarus_fly withcoffee

2013.02.24 - Kisumai Busaiku SP 4 - lockshare_house
Cool way of kissing while taking care (of your sick girlfriend)
Cool way to muscle train
Cool birthday present
LQ fuu1130 HQ kis_my_ft2

2013.03.24 - Kisumai Busaiku SP 5 - UNSUBBED
Wonderful text to ask an ex-girlfriend to get back together
What to say to your girlfriend when her cooking was bad without hurting her feelings
Wonderful birthday present
LQ fuu1130 HQ kis_my_ft2

2013.04.21 - Ep.001 - UNSUBBED
Cool way of kissing after a driving date
LQ fuu1130 HQ kis_my_ft2

2013.04.28 - Ep.002 - UNSUBBED
Cool way of kissing while watching a DVD
MQ & LQ kis_my_ft2

2013.05.03 - Previous episode cuts SP - UNSUBBED
Previous episode cuts
All the kisses video montage
MQ kis_my_ft2

2013.05.05 - Ep.003 - UNSUBBED
Nice way to break up
HQ kis_my_ft2

2013.05.13 - Ep.004 - UNSUBBED
Cool way of encouraging your girlfriend with a kiss
HQ kis_my_ft2

2013.05.19 - Ep.005 - UNSUBBED
How to reply to a text by your girlfriend who found your porn magazines
HQ & UHQ kis_my_ft2

2013.05.26 - Ep.006 - UNSUBBED
How to choose underwear to give to your girlfriend
HQ kis_my_ft2

2013.06.02 - Ep.007 - UNSUBBED
Great way of dishing up at a salad bar
HQ & UHQ jengyee

2013.06.09 - Ep.008 - UNSUBBED
Cool way of kissing in the kitchen
HQ & UHQ jengyee

2013.06.16 - Ep.009 - UNSUBBED
A good response when your girlfriend accidentally lets out a fart
HQ jinzi

2013.06.23 - Ep.010 - UNSUBBED
A loved-filled way of getting angry at your girlfriend
HQ & UHQ jengyee

2013.07.07 - Ep.011 - UNSUBBED
Kisumai BUSAIKU!? High-level Showdown SP
HQ & UHQ jengyee

2013.07.14 - Ep.012 - UNSUBBED
How to choose swimwear that you want your girlfriend to wear this summer
HQ & UHQ jengyee

2013.07.28 - Ep.013 - UNSUBBED
Cool way of kissing while star-gazing
MQ jengyee

2013.08.11 - Ep.014 - UNSUBBED
A wonderful message to give your girlfriend at Karaoke
HQ & UHQ jengyee

2013.08.18 - Ep.015 - UNSUBBED
Cool way of turning back to look at a girl indifferently
HQ jengyee

2013.0X.XX - Ep.016 - UNSUBBED
Summer vacation SP - "Cool way to kiss" Masterpiece selection
(Best scenes selection from the rankings of Kisumai BUSAIKU!? kisses)

Sources: Japanese wiki page, Kisumai LJ communities, Fuji TV page
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Coming back home

I've been involved in the fandom very on and off the last few years but something changed this year. A lot of things fell into place and Arashi was there yet again, creating their perfect place in my life. 

I've missed them.

So, here we go. Let's dive in heart first and find out what's on the other end of this very special rainbow ♥

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I go away for half a week..

..and so many things happen >.<

The BW CD is out!
I'm watching it with a bunch of friends so I've been keeping away from the leaks and everything. 

Your Eyes PV preview is out too! I have to say I'm not so good with slow PVs but the prettiness, oh the prettiness~ xD
I'm trying to get the .ts off 115 but it's sooo slow.. Why did she stop giving rayfile mirrors..? T^T
If anyone knows a way to get better DL speeds on 115, please tell me!
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Aiba - Janakute (Kanji, Romaji & English)

Since it's been a while and it's AIdecemBA (xD) I translated Aiba's solo, "じゃなくて".
I really really like the beat and the lyrics are cute too.
It's about a guy who likes a girl who doesn't realize it (..or does she? =P)
The quoted lines are lines said by the girl.

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Aiba's solos are always fun, I hope you had fun reading it too~ ♫
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I.. got.. tagged? O_O
(Naughty svetochkarae -chan!)

Whenever I get tagged, I realise how short my f-list is.. @_@

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their journal and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

B) Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

I tag:  amayaikuta , dekya , gaiiterz , gul284 , pebblegosling , corlee1289 , miha_bara , nikoru1205 

very very sorry.. m(_ _)m

On to the Questions!

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Lotus Lyrics & Translation

Its like I'm destined to translate songs that start with "L"!

Here's my second attempt at translating a song and even though my eyes won't open properly, I'm determined to post it up!
And I'm trying a different method of presenting the lyrics so you don't have to scroll back and forth. Tell me if you guys prefer this or the other ^-^

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Um, I know I haven't set rock hard rules but the default applies, no sharing outside the journal, credit if quoting, ask before using etc. ^-^

PS: *ahem*randomsidenote*ahem* I keep using Navy and Grey cause they arn't so harsh on my background but they get a bit boring.. What colors would be nice do you think?
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AAA Taipei 2006 & 2004 Iza, Now Tour!! - TOP SECRET

This was waaaaay belated from Oh-month. >.<
Somehow I got really really lazy since the holidays started =S
Anyways, this is a vid of BOTH Oh-chan's performance of TOP SECRET in the AAA 2008 con and the 2004 Iza Now Concert.

Because I wanted the karaoke to mirror the fact that Oh-chan dances so fluidly that each steps fades as fast as the next appears, I used a simple fade and change effect ^-^
I combined it with a blur and translucent effect to add to the mystery and darkness of the set.

UPDATE: Download links updated!

This main vid is a raw that I DL-ed more than a year ago so I can't remember who I got it from T_T
AAA Taipei 2006 & 2004 Iza, Now Tour!! - TOP SECRET

It is a merge of both performances into one vid, side by side!
If anyone knows how to do this, or know a tutorial, pleasee tell me!!

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Happy Birthday~! \\*o*//

Just wanna wish pebblegosling a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

To the girl who I met through Arashi,
To the girl who I sang with happily,
May this birthday be,
One of many more you'll see ^^;

Four lame lines I scratched up from my deranged sleep-deprived brain is all I can give but in any case, I hope you find it entertaining ^-^
Best Wishes~
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Back from the Hell called EXAMS!

Hey y'all!
I've finally finished exams and in a flurry of activity between Prom Night, Graduation and flying off to Singapore, I haven't had the chance to wish dear Riida Happy B'day! Well, I may have something prepared a lil later, towards to end of Oh-Month so look out for that!
[Now on to my rambles which is basically about my life so feel free to skip this and come back for Oh-chan goodies ^-^]

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